Monday, June 17, 2013

DIY: Natural Sunscreen Protection For You & The Kiddos!

Here my secret recipe (well not so secret anymore) for getting that optimum sun protection.  Your skin is the first line in defense with regards to your body. The human skin is the outer covering of the body. In humans, it is the largest organ of the integumentary system.

If you're reading this blog post you may or may not already know the negative and/or harmful effects of chemically produced sunblock or sunscreen lotion.

The Environmental Working Group has compiled a list of 700 name-brand sunscreens along with the toxic chemicals they contain. You'll find the list at

As the EWG reports, many sunscreen products contain cancer-causing chemicals that get absorbed right through the skin:
Some sunscreens absorb into the blood and raise safety concerns. Our review of the technical literature shows that some sunscreen ingredients absorb into the blood, and some are linked to toxic effects. Some release skin-damaging free radicals in sunlight, some act like estrogen and could disrupt hormone systems, several are strongly linked to allergic reactions, and still others may build up in the body or the environment. FDA has not established rigorous safety standards for sunscreen ingredients.

As you can see I've listed the basic ingredients for you detailing exactly what you need to mix together and create a wonderful Sun Protection using Young Living Therapeutic Essential Oils that will not harm your body, but rather enhances it and makes your skin complexion radiant, glow, and vibrant at the same time.

Remember because it's oil based it will not wash off easy when you or your kids happen to hit the waves. ALL of these Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils may be used without any harmful or toxic effects on the body, giving you the profound reason why these Essential Oils should be part of your everyday usage.

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Be good, but most of all Be Blessed!

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