Sunday, June 23, 2013

20 Healthy Uses of Therapeutic Grade Lemon Essential Oil

Citrus Lemon has antiseptic-like properties and contains compounds that have been studied for their effects on immune function. It may serve as an insect repellent and may be beneficial for the skin. CAUTION: Citrus oils should NOT be applied to skin that will be exposed to direct sunlight or ultraviolet light within 72 hours so if you're planning on going outside after applying any the Lemon Essential Oil (Citrus) I would highly recommend that you wear long sleeve shirts or cover the area(s) were you have applied the Lemon Essential Oil.  Here are my 20 healthy recommendation on using Therapeutic Grade Lemon Essential Oil:

1.   Use 6 drops of Lemon oil & 6 drops of Purification in a squirt bottle mixed with distilled water to use in the bathroom as an air freshener.
2.   Use 1-2 drops to remove gum, oil, grease spots or crayon.
3.   Use 1 drop of Lemon oil to add flavor to baked goods or beverages.
4.   For homemade lemonade, in a blender mix 2 drops of Lemon oil, 2 tablespoons of honey and two cups of pure water.
5.   Rub a drop on a corn, callous or bunion mornings and evenings.
6.   To clean and increase the shelf life of fresh fruit, fill a bowl with cool water and 2-3 drops of Lemon oil. Be sure all surfaces of the fruit contact the lemon water.
7.   Add 2-3 drops to water and spray counter tops to sterilize them.
8.   Alkalize your body by adding 3-4 drops of Lemon Essential Oil to 1 glass of water in the morning and before going to bed at night.
9.   Add a drop of Lemon oil to your dishwasher before the wash cycle.
10. Rub a drop of Lemon on your hands after using a public bathroom.
11. Use a paper towel soaked with several drops to sanitize bathroom fixtures, especially on the toilet seat.

12.  Place a drop of Lemon Essential Oil on cold sores, herpes or other mouth ulcers to lessen pain and aid healing.
13.  Put a drop of Lemon oil on bleeding gums caused by gingivitis or tooth extraction.
14.  Put a drop on oily skin or acne to balance sebaceous glands (oil glands).
15.  Rub several drops of Lemon oil on cellulite to improve circulation and help eliminate waste from the cells.
16.  Rub two drops of Lemon oil topically daily to clear athlete's foot.  Apply the Therapeutic Grade Lemon Essential Oil daily until the athlete's foot clears up.
17.  Rub several drops of Lemon oil on varicose veins to improve circulation and relieve pressure on the veins.
18.  Rub a drop on a wart morning and night until it disappears.
19.  Rub on butcher's block or other cutting surfaces.  Lemon is a very effective disinfectant and germ killer.
20.  Put 10-15 drops of Lemon oil in each gallon of carpet cleaning solution to help pull out stains and brighten the rugs.

I also want to highlight when I recommend certain amounts or drops of the Essential Oils I am referring to Young Living Essential Oils.  If you decide to use another companies Essential Oils you will have to increase your dosage as I am sure their quality and grade will not be at the standard of Young Living Essential Oils.  I also can not guarantee the effectiveness my recipes if you choose to use the different company's oils.  As the distillation process for manufacturing the oils will be different as well. Our competitors use the stems and leaves for making their essential oils whereas Young Living uses the flowers of the plants.  The difference is night and day in terms of quality and their medicinal or therapeutic affect. 

I'm a Certified Master Herbalist and I can tell you that there are Essential Oils and then there are Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. The two grades are worlds apart. Whenever possible I recommend Therapeutic Grade Essential oils for healing, nitrifying and treating the our bodies. 
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* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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