Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Natural Spider Repellent

Natural Spider Repellent

Spiders are not fond of citrus. In a spray bottle, mix water and unsweetened lemon or lime juice. I recommend using a Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil.
Lemon: Item No: 3578
Grapefruit: Item No. 3560
Tangerine: Item No. 3644
Orange: Item No. 3602
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You can deter spiders in your garden by spraying the leaves of the plants with  lemon, orange, or lime peels. Wipe your counter-tops with the mixture or spray down doorways and windowsills.
You only need to use a few drops.  Why because our Essential Oils are Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. They're non toxic, not poisonous and will not harm you or your family in any manner.

Just another great reason why Preppers, Homesteaders and those striving for Sustainable Living Lifestyle show be buying, storing and using Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

 I'm a Certified Master Herbalist and I can tell you that there are Essential Oils and then there are Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. The two grades are worlds apart. Whenever possible I recommend Therapeutic Grade Essential oils for healing, nitrifying and treating the our bodies. 
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