Friday, June 14, 2013

Learn How to Relieve Morning Sickness With Essential Oils

Here is my recipe for dealing with morning sickness and using Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.  Remember, there is a difference between Essential Oils and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and If you're pregnant and experiencing morning sickness you'll want to make sure that you're treating ANY illness during your pregnancy without the usage of harsh pharmaceutical drugs whenever possible.  The welfare of your baby(s) depend on it and you.

There are basically only 4 Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils that are necessary to relieve your morning sickness and chance are you already have them (or you SHOULD Already have them on hand).  If not, you can get them from my Youngliving website. Here is the recipe below (please share and pass it on to your friends and love ones!):

Please take note that these oil may be applied/used: (I) Internal, (T) Tropical and (A) Aromatic manner.  I have highlighted that in the graphic for your information.

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