Thursday, June 20, 2013

Menstrual Cycle: Lavender Essential Oil For Relief

This blog is about making your life healthier and simpler.   I am so proud that many of you think of me as your personal Certified Master Herbalist, and a friend as well.

Many women experience some type of discomfort with their monthly menstrual cycles some even have very painful cycles to the point that they have name a illness  after it called PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome).

I won't take much of your time.  I've outline below 5 Tips that you can use to ease your Menstrual Cycle woes.  They're easy and you will enjoy using and doing them because you'll be eating, inhaling, relaxing, and bathing your pains away.  Using my recommendations you might even now look forward to that special time of the month (smile) using my recommended Lavender Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

Now you have a legitimate excuse for taking to those long refreshing baths, baking those delicious Lavender Cupcakes or Lavender Cookies and drinking that oh so delicious Lavender Tea.   If you haven't already, I am sure you'll come to love the aromatic fragrance benefits of Lavender's essence also.

Be well, but most of all Be Blessed!

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