Saturday, July 6, 2013

My Natural Bug/Insect Repellent That's Skin Friendly

Summertime is here and of course I know you and your family will be spending a great deal of time outside enjoying this wonderful season. Dealing with bugs and insects are simply a fact of life when spending time outdoors in the summer.  If you're anything like me and my family,  we love camping, gardening, hiking, and nature walks. We need something to keep the bugs off of us when we're outdoors.

Instead of putting harmful chemicals that may in some cases contain cancer causing proprieties why not mix together a Insect or Bug repellent that is actually repels the bugs and insects as well as good for your skin and at the same time does not harm the ozone layer or our precious environment?  It is important to understand the potential risks of using chemical insect repellents, especially on children. Summer is upon us and soon we will all be shopping for some sort of relief from bothersome insects. Due to the fear of insect-borne diseases such as encephalitis, malaria, Lyme disease, and West Nile Virus, most of us think nothing of covering ourselves and our children with a variety of bug repellent products. Parents should be aware of the potential health effects of using chemical insect repellent sprays.

There are a number of harmful side effects to most insect repelling products on the market today. The active ingredient in most of these products is called DEET, used in hundreds of brands in varying concentrations. DEET is a pesticide. Many consider DEET insect repellent to be a harmless or even beneficial mosquito repellent. Keep in mind that it is a product that is meant to do harm to living things.

This is the only Insect/Bug Repellent that I use for my family and I have to tell you my children love the wonderful fragrance. There's an ingredient that actually has a soothing and calming effect when applied to the skin.

My formula also has lots of Vitamin C which as you know your skins simply loves. Vitamin C will  help to combat and even reverse time’s effect on your skin as it is often included in many anti-aging formulas.

Now you have another reason for using Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.  Don't worry I will be showing you many more ways that you and your family can benefit from these wonderful oils as they are Nature's gifts to us in abundance.

What are you waiting for?  Summertime is already here so it's an excellent time to make this skin friendly Insect/Bug Repellent and enjoy the great outdoors!  You're only a few drops away!

I also want to highlight when I recommend certain amounts or drops of the Essential Oils I am referring to Young Living Essential Oils.  If you decide to use another companies Essential Oils you will have to increase your dosage as I am sure their quality and grade will not be at the standard of Young Living Essential Oils.  I also can not guarantee the effectiveness my recipes if you choose to use the different company's oils.  As the distillation process for manufacturing the oils will be different as well. Our competitors use the stems and leaves for making their essential oils whereas Young Living uses the flowers of the plants.  The difference is night and day in terms of quality and their medicinal or therapeutic affect. 

I'm a Certified Master Herbalist and I can tell you that there are Essential Oils and then there are Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. The two grades are worlds apart. Whenever possible I recommend Therapeutic Grade Essential oils for healing, nitrifying and treating the our bodies. 
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